Back on the road after all that moving from Germany to Switzerland.

I am so happy we’re finally done with moving and have time to travel again (I don’t want to complain I love our new apartment and I am so happy to live now together with Claudia <3)

So… Why Burg Eltz, why the hack drive 3-4 hours for an old castle…

We saw a lot of pictures of Burg Eltz in Germany (Moseltal) and fell I love with this amazing piece of history. So we thought it would be an amazing idea to drive up there to take some amazing pictures for you guys so you probably want to go there too.

Yea… it looked like the rest of Germany, Belgium, Holland, and Switzerland had that same idea (we probably could have known it “eastern holidays in all countries here” but we had to learn it as we say it in Germany “on the hard way – auf dam harten weg“). Traffic jam… The ride on the Germany motorway should normally take 3,5-4 hours (no-speed-limit WOOP…) yeah… at the end the ride took us 5hours, with no use of the “no-speed-limit”. But we though had a fun time driving (standing) and enjoying the amazing landscape.

For us it’s very special to see a “flat country” without any hills. In South Germany or Switzerland its impossible to find a flat spot :D.

We started at 8 am and arrived around 1 pm noon. After we found our amazing hotel ( we took our cameras and started for the last ride to Burg Eltz (here are some pictures of our hotel. We were just watching for a cheap bed to sleep for one night but this hotel was absolutely stunning and beautiful. The style was 100% baroque and perfect for our little “castle trip” – If you want to go to Burg Eltz we highly recommend to stay there!!!).

[foogallery id=”594″]

After another 15 minute ride to the castle, we finally saw it. This amazing castle on his little rock just sitting there, just amazing!

Short historic facts, the castle was build around the 12th century, never got destroyed so it’s still original (no more facts necessary 😉 ).

It’s such a romantic, fascinating and epic place… We bought some tickets (10 EUR) for the guided tour (it’s not allowed to go for yourself) and started the tour.

Yea.. Claudia and I are both landscape lovers but not the biggest fans of this guided stuff… After all that “this picture of the daughter of the grandfather 3rd grade from 1359 stuff) we went to the outside for a little hike to take some amazing pictures. Sadly there was some construction going on at the outside but it’s still an amazing few. The castle with all his towers, thick walls and amazing paintings surrounded by the “Moselforest”, epic!

So.. My recommendation for this place!! LISTEN!! 😀

Take that money for the tour, speed through and then take more time for the hike around the castle. The amazing “thing” about this castle is its beauty from the outside. Further, i recommend to go there reeealy early or late (5 pm). The castle is closing at 6 pm so you can take the tour and then enjoy it without all the tourist (yes there are a lot of them).

I hope you took your notes 😉

After that… time to eat! Of course, we were looking for some real German food with real German beer (especially the German beer of course!). We found a tiny restaurant ( with a small but fresh menu. Amazing beer and amazing steak and just a 2 minutes drive from our hotel. Also recommendable!

And finally… time to go to sleep. Back to our cute room. And good night.

The day after just boring driving home, with some time for stops to see the cutest goats EVER (really! EVER!) and some drone shots from another castle and…. This time no traffic jam and USES OF THE NO SPEEDLIMIT 😀 (you remember that 5 hour ride the day before? Back home 3,5 YES 😀 ).

And now… time to edit this 27.8 GB of video and photo footage to finish the video and bring you guys some preeeetty DOPE pictures on Instagram (shameless plug to Claudia.Is.Gone and Basto.Is.Gone 😉 ).

I hope you enjoyed reading this little trip diary and we… read next time? Something like that… 😀


Cheers, I AM GONE.



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      Your welcome, if you have any questions dont hassitate to ask for more infos 😊

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