And we are back from the heat of New York.

It was an amazing trip to a “bucket list place” we’ve always wanted to go.

August isn’t possible the best time to travel to New York because it was unbelievable hot without any wind in the deep canyons of skyscrapers but it was though amazing.

To see these buildings which look like they grow endless in the sky, the caps you just saw in movies, the move, the rush and the pulse of the city… just inspiring.

We stood at Double Tree by Hilton 36th street, straight next to Times Square. Sweet small hotel, a nice Bed with a good Breakfast. If you wanna live straight in the center but still a little bit less noisy I can recommend this hotel! 5 Minute’s walkway to the Times Square 10 minutes to the highline….


Our days were packed full with sightseeing, shopping and a looot of walking.

I don’t have to tell you how amazing it was standing at the top of the empire state building watching down to all the minions, walking at the highline, visiting the statute of liberty, standing at the famous times square hiking through central park… endless amazing places to visit.

In spite of this amazing places our favorite place to be in this heat was the Hudson… Walking down the river watching all these running people enjoying the breeze and calm down from the city rush.

[foogallery id=”583″]

Also, the GreenLine gives you some kind of the same feeling. More space for yourself (still much tourism there but much more relaxed) and some green and amazing views through the city. Nice spot to walk through!!!

Another highlight for me was the helicopter flight around/above New York. It gives you this amazing view about this giant city… For us, little people from Switzerland it’s just breathtaking how big a city can be. For example, the biggest city in Switzerland is Zürich with around 400.000 residents.

After all that sightseeing, hopping on travel buses, running to Casey Neistats Studio (another Bucketlist thing 😀 ), eating one dollar pizza and amazing steaks at Wolfgangs we wanted to the Niagara Falls. So wake up early, bus ride to a small airport and up in the sky straight to Niagara Falls.

We always wanted to see this giant falls and had to catch the chance to go there. But… I have to say for us it was a liiittle bit disappointing! Of course, the falls are amazing and impressive and we watched it from the bridge, the boat and the heli but… All that tourism, all the buildings, parking spaces, tours… It took all the romantic of this amazing piece of earth for us. So if you have the time go there and make your own experience but I don’t know if I can recommend it… maybe we should have to go to the Canadian side to watch it… But time was not our friend on this little trip, our plane back to New York was waiting.

So… sightseeing – CHECK, exploring New York – CHECK, Niagara Falls – CHECK…. Shopping….. lets go 😀

We took a early bus from central station to Woodbury. I was a little sick but still wanted to go there (you cant tell your girl “we are in new york but shopping… naaaa not this time) DONT DO THAT! 😉 So we went out there and i was glad we did it tough. Woodbury is an amazing outlet city with tons and tons of stores, restaurants and a lot more. Recommend that? YES. If you want to go shopping for less then the half price you would pay in europe go for it 😀

And so far i think / hope i didn’t forget to much.

To resume, it was amazing!

If you haven’t been in NewYork you definitly should take 7-10 days to have a relaxed trip. Try to see as much as you can at the beginning and than take your time to visit the most interessting places again with much time and without any rush (for a fast a nice rush through the city i can recommend the HopOnHop of tours for example from BigBusTours… Nice and not that expensive. You also are allowed to take the ferry to liberty island with the BigBusTours ticket).

Another tip, buy the tickets for Empire State Building online a few weeks before you start your trip.. The line in front of the ticketcounter was… long (Buy ticket here!)

And go for the “Open Heli Tour” you will never get a better view of the city!!!! (No doors is a little scary but just stunning and an amazing experience!

And thats it… stay tuned for more 🙂

We are GONE.