California Road Trip – LIGHTROOM PRESETS


Road Trip California LIGHTROOM PRESET PACK (Desktop & Mobile)

We started our trip around the world in California with a fantastic road trip through whole California. Starting at the beach in San Diego, driving up to Palm Springs & Las Vegas, through the forests of the Sequoia & Yosemite Nationalparks exploring the beautiful lake Thao, walking over the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge and chasing the roads of Highway 1.

All these adventures and different settings in light and landscape inspired us to create this Preset Pack that’s so diverse, like California itself.

You will get 10 unique Presets that match all kinds of different situations.

What you get:

  • 10 DNG Files with the Presets attached (Mobile Presets)
  • 10 Lightroom Presets (Desktop Presets)

What you need to use our presets:

Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop)


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Presets are an easy way to achieve a high quallity look of your pictures within one click. Theses Presets are made for Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom Desktop and Adobe Camera Raw. In our eyes the best tools to edit your photos in terms of color.

You will receive your presets straight after we received the payment. The presets are sent to you by e-mail.

With our Presets, you will immediately get a similar look/colors like our shots, but they will not look like the same.
Presets are a good way to achieve similar results as you know them from our photos, but like with everything in photography, there are many factors like the Light, Time, Camera, etc. that can result in a different look of the pictures.

You will need Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom ore Adobe Photoshop (Camera Raw) to use them.

Yes, you can use them in Camera Raw, which is integrated into photoshop to color RAW images, but you can also use Photoshop’s Camera Raw on JPGs.

After your purchase you can decide if you want to download the Mobile, the Desktop or Both Packs.

In the MOBILE Pack, you will get .DNG files which you can unzip on your phone or your PC/Mac and import them in your Lightroom Mobile App. There you can easily copy the presets from the pictures.

In the DESKTOP Pack, you will get xmp files. These are the standard format for Lightroom presets. You can import these into your Lightroom Desktop application and start using them within a few seconds.

Thats most of the time a compatibily problem. Open Up Lightroom Classic -> Click on Lightroom Preferences -> Presets -> Visiblity (check the box). That solves to problem in 99% of the time.