One of our most favorite Mountain in Switzerland is Mount Pilatus in Central Switzerland. The top can be reached by the Pilatus railway, cable car or by walking. If you want to check the Entry-Price or the weahter…here is the link to the official Pilatus Site!
At the second highest floor on the Pilatus, there is an Adventure Park. So it was a MUST to go to the Park. It a rope Park which is divided into difficulty levels. So we started with the easiest level and go up to the most difficult level. It was very funny but also very hard. I really love rope Parks because you can be in nature and can enjoy the view but also you can do something for your fitness. AND you can challenge yourself.
With a partner like Bastian, everything makes fun. He’s my soulmate.

After we have finished the park we decided to go up to the highest level by cable car. On the highest level, you have a fantastic view. You can almost see the whole Switzerland…just joking 😉

Up there is a wonderful Hotel so if you want to stay you can enjoy day and night with this beautiful view. There is also a souvenir shop (of course) and a nice restaurant.

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