In 2015 I was living in San Diego for 3 months.
It was my first time flying alone and my first time in America. So i was scared but in the same time very excited. California here I come! 🙂

Arrived in San Diego i was flashed it was so beautiful. The weather, the friendly people everywhere, my new home…so many new impressions.
I lived on a campus with other people from different countries and we were going to a school next to the campus.

Living and going to school in SD was like I was in on of those American Highschool-Movies. The teachers were so nice and funny. I will never forget one of our teachers, he’s name was Dan. He was always motivated and in a good mood. We had some lessons with him…one of the lessons was sport. He learned us how to play American football and baseball. Haha oh dear… I laughed so hard because no one knew where to run or what to do. But Dan was patient and after about a week we weren’t good but we knew how to play the game.
Thanks Dan for your patience 😉

What can I say to San Diego…it’s amazing there! I’m from Switzerland and if you walk on the road in Switzerland nobody will talk to you or ask for helping you. Not in San Diego! It’s totally normal to hear a compliment (about your shoes or your hair or something else) from a stranger. They also love to help if you have questions.
Next important thing to know about San Diego…Taco-Tuesday 😀 haha
Every Tuesday evening you can eat Tacos for 1 Dollar in almost every Restaurant/Bar (and you can drink huge Margaritas).

My favorite place in San Diego was La Jolla. It’s like a small town with a beautiful Beach and some great spots to eat (i had the best Breakfast in my whole life there!).

Despite all the lovely people around me i was missing my family and Bastian very hard. Because of my homesickness, my family came to San Diego. It was a big surprise and I was so happy so see them and show them all the cool spots I found in the 2.5 months before.




Another great thing I did in SD was renting a bike in Mission Beach and go on a ride along the beach. The route is 12 miles long and most of the sections are vehicle free.


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