From CapeCoral to KeyWest

Time for a big journey.

As you guys know we are traveling a lot here in Switzerland and most of the time we hike and climb and run :D. So we thought let’s go somewhere to relax and enjoy e few weeks of resting, chilling and calm down a little.

So our chosen destination – CAPE CORAL / FLORIDA

We traveled with Claudia’s whole family so we could celebrate her Dad’s birthday and enjoy some quality family time.

We started early in the morning in Zürich. From there we flew to Frankfurt where we changed airplanes to an A380 from Lufthansa and from there… Direct to Miami. For me flying is even a part of holidays just because I love flying and having some time for my self without internet, phone calls or emails. Just relaxing, watching some movies and chill. And for that, i can highly recommend choosing an A380 to fly 😀 So modern, perfect seats… and and and!!! I think you know what I am talking about when you think sitting 9 hours in an old seat without any comfort, that’s not how you wanna start your vacation!

9 hours flight time + 1-hour delay we finally arrive at Miami airport. The heat pushes us in the face when we leave the plane. That’s what we wanted to have. Straight to the car rental and to the highway off to Cape Coral where we will stay for the next 10 Days. The way from Miami to Cape Coral is another 3-hour ride. We are so happy when we arrive at our house… It was a long long journey, but definitely worth it when you see where we stay!

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On our second day, we decided to check out our boat (When you rent a house in Cape Coral you HAVE TO rent a boat). Cape Coral is even called “The Venice of America” so many channels and ways to drive around the neighborhood and even drive to the ocean. Such an amazing way to get around instead driving in a car. And the great thing in Florida. You don’t even need a license to drive a boat when you’re born in 1989 or younger.

Its just epic… Go for some groceries, for dinner or whatever and.. you just take the boat 😀 That’s a lifestyle we could get used to. And that’s what we did for the next 2 day. Waking up early go on that boat… drive out to the lock… wait until we are on sea-level and the go out.. chill on the water or on a little sandbank, go to the bar on the water and then when the rain comes (the rain comes every day) head back to the house for some more food and quality BBQ time at the pool 😀 We will be round as a ball when we come back to Switzerland 😀

Ah little side note 😀 It is not funny when your GPS dies when your on the ocean 😀 😀 😀 😀 Watch our Video (Click Here) when you wanna know more about that 😀

After all that boat driving we wanna see something of America so let’s rent a car and head down to KeyWest. We wanted to see that place for so long and now its time to do that.

Driving to a place to see is a little different than in Switzerland 😀 In Switzerland, you jump into that car and after 1-3 hours you are everywhere you want… Driving from CapeCoral to KeyWest takes us 6 hours 😀 😀 😀 Crazy how big everything here is.

Ok, we have to say we stopped a lot while we were driving down there.. its an amazing road. So many bridges and islands and the ocean and the mangroves and and and and. So many spots where we have to stop to enjoy the country and take some pictures.
But of course, we want to reach KeyWest before the sun sets so back into the car and straight down.

And then… KeyWest is just WOW.

It is like out of an old US movie 😀 The typical lodges, palm trees everywhere, the taste of the salty ocean… A little like the time has stopped here. We just have 2 days here but we know after 5 minutes, WE NEED MORE TIME 😀 We check into the Hyatt KeyWest (if your down there, go there! Good Food and Oceanview!), take our cameras and go for a little exploring adventure. This little city is amazingly cute. Everywhere you can find little bars and restaurant, small shops and closed private roads perfect for some shootings and of course the peer for some amazing sunset time (you need some luck in August if you wanna see the sun at the evening because… of the rain… what else… 😀 ).

After an amazing dinner its time to sleep we wanna wake up early to catch the first light rays.

5:30am YEA HOLIDAYS WAKE UP EARLY 😀 Yes I (Bastian) like waking up early even in holidays. Claudia isn’t that amazed 😀 But the sun is epic at this morning so I think its even ok for Claudia :D. If you’re out on the peer at this time your just for your self, amazingly quiet and peaceful. Perfect for some more shots and a little couple quality time 😀

I don’t know how long we stood there but time runs when you’re on an amazing place and a wink later its time to head back to CapeCoral. Of course not without some stops for a little beach time aaaaaand some more pictures and drone shots :D. I really recommend to go for some stops on your way to KeyWest or on your way home it’s just to lovely to drive by. Caribbean in the US 🙂

After we came back we have a few more days in CapCoral. Time for relaxing, shopping and just hanging around. Exactly what we needed after a Year of working fulltime in Switzerland plus our little Media Agency and of course what we love traveling around Europe and making pictures for us and you guys 🙂

Time rushes so fast when you don’t have to work! Sometimes its even unreal how fast 😀 8 Days are over and its time to drive to Miami… an other boat is waiting for us… just a little bigger than our Boat in CapeCoral 😀 


  • If you are planning to go to CapeCoral watch out you arrive not to late in Miami because there is another 3-hour car ride to CapeCoral
  • Rent a boat in CapeCoral because…. a boat is amazing!
  • Try the restaurants next to the Water at the Channels, they are amazing.
  • If you want to stay at the same house like we did you can book it here
  • If you go to Florida (doesn’t matter where you go in Florida) YOU HAVE TO GO TO KEY WEST (Take 2-3 days to explore this amazing place)
  • If you wanna fly a drone in Florida register it before you start your trip at the FAA. Takes you 10 Minutes and 5 USD.
  • Don’t forget some mosquito spray!!!
  • Don’t got there in August (Raintime) go there in November – February