I had some plans what I wanted to do in California. One of those was jumping out of a plane!
In my hometown, i was doing skydiving in a wind tunnel but I was never jumping out of a plane (because it’s very expensive in Switzerland). So it was a MUST to do this here!
And Guys I can tell you…it was really really nice 🙂 fear? NO! I was just happy and enjoying the feel-free-moment.

Another plan was learning how to scuba dive and get certified.  It was cool but because of my asthma, i could only breathe badly.
I really hope I can enjoy it some day more than at this time…

Some other plans were to do some weekend trips to LA, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

Los Angeles – I liked Santa Monica and the beaches. Everything around the walk of fame was to much for me. To many people and too loud. In his way also beautiful but  I’m more the nature-person 😉


After 2 days in LA, we went to Las Vegas…
The journey to Las Vegas was really impressive. We drove right into a storm and the temperature dropped from 42 degrees to 15 degrees in a few minutes. It was spectacular to see a storm in the desert but also a little bit scary. As fast as the storm came he was over.

Now a special tip from me to you…
…on the way to Las Vegas you will see a Diner called Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner. Stop there! It’s a original roadside Diner built in 1954.
It’s like you had made a time-trip back to the 50’s. And the food and the milkshakes there are so delicious.


I was 2 days in Las Vegas. Not for partying and drinking. Just to see the desert and the Grand Canyon. I never saw something like this before. It was breathtaking!
I’m so happy to saw something like this.

After Las Vegas we flew to San Francisco.
After the high temperatures in Las Vegas it was really cold and windy in San Francisco. Unfortunately we could not go to Alcatraz but SanFran has many other great places you have to see. There are so many lovely coffee-shops and restaurants…and of course the Golden Gate Bridge!

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